Transport Scheduling

Our transport scheduling solution has been created for customers involved in freight trade across the UK as well as trade on an international scale. The process has been specially tailored for operations in which a reliable and transportation planning solution gives a successful business flow in the outbound delivery sector of the business.

Our Transport Planning module has been created to plan sales order deliveries using two fundamental principles:

  • Fixed Logic is where transport planning is dictated by the company. There are static courses of delivery that the vehicle will adhere to; thus, a vehicle will be allocated to given customers in an area whereby the vehicle will only deliver to all customers in the area.
  • Non-fixed logic has been designed for when the transport planning is dictated by the orders and where they are to be delivered e.g. each day. The transport planner would review the orders for today, and where they are to be delivered to, and create a route (vehicle) for those orders.

A Route, consists of a mode of delivery of an item from a company to a customer, this then relates to a vehicle with limited capacity (measured in cubic metres) for example, a van, a lorry or even a plane.

The mode of delivery is associated with many customers, outlining the route the vehicle will take. Ultimately, the planning of routes and orders are held complete within the user intuitive Transportation Grid where drag and drop functionality is utilised.

The launch of our module demonstrates how to use Microsoft Dynamics AX for Outbound Transportation Planning, which includes having an overview of all sales orders that require outbound planning, linking multiple orders into a “cell” on the transport planning board, and finding optimal routes and load allocation.