SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Efficiency. Flexibility. Cost-Effective.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 allows organisations to collaborate together on an online platform enhancing how people interact with content. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is an effective and efficient way of managing content as it creates a networking hub for team members and even approved business partners, to access and manage stored content while allowing securities to be put in place on each and every file if need be.

Free yourself from the burden of manual processes by creating a workflow on SharePoint, saving time and resources for other activities. Complex procedures and policies can be used in an automated process. By having a networking hub, it allows your team to see the content they need. Show your workforce what you want them to see!

SharePoint can be used as your company Intranet with it being easily accessible and extremely powerful. We can set up such a service with ease and provide training to your team. The online functionality allows you to retain full control and flexibility that you require including a record of each and every time a document on SharePoint is uploaded or edited reducing investigation times when things get out of hand. You also have the ability to restrict other users from sensitive documentation whereby they only have a read-only copy.

SharePoint can be tailored to your needs.

An unbelievable platform which enables the user to customise SharePoint and make it work to your needs. Workflows, Controls, Enterprise Portal and even an App can be created and built to your requirements.

Integrating with AX

Meta Data can be pulled from AX and stored in a SharePoint library. AX can be set up to save files in a specific folder on SharePoint without having to specify a folder every time.

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