InteliSense IT announces its commitment to POD Apps

The Proof of Delivery (POD) app uses a modern programming language, powerful tools and has a delightful workflow with the power to create the best user experience. Our mission is to make it faster and user friendly to make mobile Apps, allowing business users to develop Cross Mobile Platform for building native iOS, and Android apps.

Together we have produced a scalable POD App that has been integrated with Dynamics AX. The purpose of the Proof Of Delivery app is to give the power to the business to plan the delivery drivers route and allowing the delivery driver to override this using his personal/business mobile phone, tablet or hand held device to plan his own delivery route and prove the goods have been delivered using images and signatures. Eventually, the Proof the driver provides will be associated with the order in Dynamics AX.

The POD App has been industrialised specifically to be extremely user friendly as well as keeping up with the increasing demand for practical and bespoke solutions.

Features of the POD App include: -

  • 100% paperless Proof of Delivery solution.
  • Electronic Signing which has get recipient’s e-Signature, electronic proof of delivery.
  • Take photo for any issue or proof anywhere.
  • User friendly interface with in built user navigation guidance.
  • A teach yourself functionality thus, there is little to no requirement to train your delivery team.


If this is the solution for you, send a message with your details to book a demo of the POD app.