Invoice Scanning

In the Analysis phase, the requirement to have a faster, more efficient way to process invoices in the Accounts Payable module was found. In order to fill the gap between standard Dynamics AX functionality and invoicing, Invoice Scanning was developed to get invoices processed at a much faster rate, without relying on time consuming manual processing.

The fundamental aim for the Invoice Scanning Solution is to support the scanning and retention process for invoices processed by the Accounts Payable module included in Dynamics AX2012 ERP system.

Paper invoices are scanned, and any digital files that came with the e-invoices are also retained. Invoices arriving in various formats but this is not a problem as no templates are needed. The invoices are then validated and missing information is flagged to be reviewed once the relevant information from the invoice is selected. This then leads to the approval workflow which can be set up by the customer how they see fit. The invoice images then get stored as they are used in Dynamics AX.

Our invoice scanning solution has many advantages such as being able to handle all invoices in a single process. It reduces manual data entry by up to 90%. Accounts Payable costs can be reduced by up to 80% as well as being able to access the invoices from anywhere at any given time. The process also eliminates duplicate invoices and paper storage is no longer required.

Furthermore, the Invoice Scanning Solution would then support the scanning and retention of any transactions documented and processed in Dynamics AX2012. Along with the primary scope for the solution, upon change request further functions could be developed and added to the additional areas of Dynamics AX2012 in order to print barcodes and retrieve documents.

The standard forms and functionalities will remain stationary where possible. The current solution provides document scanning capability for the Purchase Invoice Function. Further system areas, can be added if requested.