E-commerce Integration

Users are not aware of the complexities of the software for online transactions. Each integration or interface has it's own requirements in terms of data, data format, business logic, transmission and scheduling however the general consensus is that an automatic communication is required between Dynamics AX and a third-party software i.e. website.

The purpose is to provide a Dynamics AX integration for Ecommerce websites. This involves providing the relevant functionality to deliver all required elements for the business processes to run independently with little to no user intervention. Communications can exist by using inbound transactions (the website supplying Dynamics AX data) and outbound transactions (AX supplying data to the website).

A key feature to note, is that the framework for Ecommerce works together with the DIXF (Data Import Export Framework) module within Dynamics AX.

Any process with no user intervention will help the business to run more smoothly day-to-day enabling flexible, fast and reliable service.

Our consistent successful integrations enables us to work collaboratively with customers from all sectors.

Join the InteliSense Team and book a free Ecommerce demo, if this is the solution for you. The demo will include a full tutorial of using the automated Ecommerce ISV solution, ultimately giving you a better understanding on how this can change your day-to-day business.