Credit Limit Log

This functionality enables an organisation to manage customer orders and outstanding debtor balances in conjunction with each other.

When a customer sales order is processed and posted, AX will check whether this order has caused the customer to exceed the credit limit that has been set for them. If this is the case, an error message is displayed signifying that the customer has exceeded the limit. Subsequently, no further processing can be done which stops sales orders from being picked/despatched for that customer until the order has been released from credit hold.

It is important to note that the process is stopped at the picking list stage, and that this is the trigger for a sales order to be recorded in the log. However, an order acknowledgement will still be created for all orders regardless of them being on hold.

In addition, the log holds orders for accounts that are overdue and that are pro-forma.

Orders can be released without having to receive and match payments, or increase credit limits.

Once an order is released, it will move to the release status page, so there is a history of all orders which have been unblocked manually, showing the user who has released them.

The release of the order will then generate the picking document, and the order will proceed from this point as normal.

This process takes into consideration orders that are due out within a set period, when determining whether a new order in progress can be shipped or not. This is known as the credit limit horizon.

This solution supports the sales order process, customer credit limit and order release management.