Industry Specific Functionality for D365FO/AX

Industry specific functionality for D365FO/AX

Microsoft makes great ERP software that can be configured for any company. Additional functionality can be written if a company has particular requirements but the more you need, the greater the cost. Keeping the software as standard as possible is a great strategy for simpler implementation and easier upgrades in the future but sometimes a company's competitive advantage comes from the unique way they do business, so a balance has to be reached between what is needed and what isn't.

A great way to improve your choices and plug functional gaps in standard software, is a vertical solution from an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Companies can find that 200 functional gaps that customisations have to be written for, drop to just 20 with the right vertical solution.

Annata has a collection of functionality for related industries with strengths around tracking serialised devices and looking after warranties, servicing and parts.

It's often used by vehicle dealers, but we are finding that the greatest interest comes from manufacturers of complex machines or devices where the manufacturer offers after sales support or rental. There is a huge amount of functionality available in Annata but you don't pay by module, you just pay by user and pay to have it configured to your requirements. You won't need all of the functionality available, but we can advise you on what can help you.

It's more commonly part of a D365FO/AX implementation project, but it can be implemented on existing AX systems. The integrations are deeper than with most addons for D365FO/AX, so the functionality exists alongside existing D365FO functionality within D365FO.