3PL Integration

Communication between the business and all of the third-party logistics companies (3PL) can be time consuming. A forgotten or late task can affect the business or there may be issues between yourself and the 3PL that are not clearly defined thus potentially leading to stock defects and late orders.

The purpose of the third-party logistics integration solution is to enable the business to monitor the physical inventory at the 3PL warehouse on a day-to-day basis. It also closely integrates with the Sales Order process (pick, pack and despatch) and the Transfer Order process (pick, pack and ship) thus covering all main physical transactions.

Each physical transaction is represented and captured using a standard communication file agreed with the 3PL company. The business can instruct the 3PL warehouse to pick items from inventory (amongst other procedures) and send to the customer, with little to no user intervention. All transactions are compliant with batch and/or serial number control, if necessary.

A key feature to note, is that the framework for 3PL integration works together with the DIXF (Data Import Export Framework) module within Dynamics AX.

3PL integration gives the power of maintaining your third-party logistics companies without picking up the phone.