InteliSense IT understands the challenges of today’s working environment.

Mobile communication is no longer a luxury: it is a business necessity that provides unprecedented levels of flexibility that can critically improve competitiveness. It is no surprise then that according to US research house Radicati Group Inc., workers will average nearly 40% of their time away from the desk and access to email over multiple devices is their top priority.

Email has become the life-blood of the company. In many situations it has become the preferred vehicle of communication for all employees, many of whom work in disparate locations across the country or indeed across the world. So in many cases it has inadvertently become an unofficial form of workflow and document management.

As a specialist in Microsoft Dynamics, InteliSense IT extends the Microsoft experience to mobile devices, helping it's client's employees to stay in touch with colleagues, customers and important information when away from the office.

InteliSense IT clients believe it is worth spending money on the extra connectivity that mobile devices offer. With equipment designed to work seamlessly together, each investment can add great value to the business rather than costing disproportionately more for limited additional benefit.