InteliSense IT can support and assist you in your review of hardware and infrastructure. There are many options available in the market: hosted, owned, financed, cloud etc. and for a lot of organisations such long term investment decisions need careful and structured thought around capital or expense spending.

InteliSense IT can help you through the maze of options, to make the right decision for your company. We can help you calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We have 4 models that we can assist you with:

  • “On Premise - Owned” – the client purchases the hardware and relevant infrastructure and manages it all themselves on their premises. We can assist by providing you with appropriate hardware and infrastructure vendors who have knowledge of supplying these services for Dynamics clients.
  • “Hosted – Owned” – the client may wish to own the hardware but not have the skills, management, infrastructure, inclination or time to manage this part of their IT implementation. Whilst InteliSense IT does not offer hosting directly, it has experienced partners who provide a range of services who could take your hardware purchase and manage the new hardware for you; and not just your Dynamics infrastructure but any and all aspects of your total IT requirement.
  • “Full Hosting” – A number of companies now believe that they are better off focusing on their own strategy and leave someone else to manage their IT Hardware and Infrastructure needs. This includes a fully managed service from “renting” the servers which will be updated at various times to managing all the necessary software upgrades and related issues, including backup and disaster recovery plans.
  • “The Cloud” – more and more we are hearing the “cloud” terminology being used to define a large number of services being offered. In simple terms, this is hosting by the authors, in this case Microsoft. Use of the cloud here is a generic service supplied by Microsoft to provide complete software solutions with no requirement for hardware servers that are paid for by the month, for the users who want it.

InteliSense IT have contracts with Microsoft to connect customers to a range of Microsoft services in this manner from Microsoft’s own server centres providing a fully managed service. Where ERP solutions are required, clients may have different needs and processes and a generic solution may not be the ideal solution.

With this in mind, Microsoft allow for vertical solutions by creating a pricing point where local Hosting suppliers can provide a “cloud solution” for you, still giving the monthly invoicing without large capital costs for infrastructure and software.

Where capital expenditure is felt to be the right decision, but companies want to pay for it on a monthly basis, InteliSense IT offers a number of financing options, including Microsoft’s own finance options. This offering is subject to the usual financial checks by the lending organisation.

Please ask InteliSense IT if you would like assistance with your hardware and infrastructure needs.