Client: IPU Group
Task: Architecture
IPU Group is a privately owned industrial company based in West Bromwich, in the West Midlands. They design, manufacture and distribute high quality parts and systems for critical diesel and gas engine applications.
IPU is a multinational company, having offices in the UK, France and Malaysia in addition to a global network of distributors.

It's core business is power generation but IPU also supplies it's engineered solutions into other industries where reliability, performance and safety are paramount including: Oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial Engines, Mining & Quarrying and Land Based Industries.

Payment Collection Management

InteliSense IT implemented a standard AX solution for the Payment Collection management.

Payment Collection Management is the means to notify the business when a payment is due/overdue. Based on the scenario at hand, the business decides whether to request payment for a second time or take further action if necessary. In general, all overdue payments can be maintained from a single place of work. Quick, simple and user friendly.

“We have been told that Dynamics AX didn’t have a solution for Payment Collection Management. InteliSense IT proved otherwise and implemented the solution within days”
Sagar Hussain, Divisional Head of IT

Postcode Lookup Solution

The Postcode Lookup Solution uses a unique address lookup functionality that standard AX does not offer. Using an external database to store all core address information, the external database integration solution allowed IPU to streamline time on their Customer’s address creation, registration and editing.

Due to InteliSense IT’s commitment and skilled employees, IPU could rely on our solutions capability and kicked off a support contract in 2017.

How did IPU benefit?

With the Payment Collection Management solution, IPU has more visibility and control of overdue payments and takes less time to accomplish the day-to-day task of chasing/checking payments.

Postcode integration, minimizes the margin for error with users typing incorrect address information and maximises the use of the external data base content without entirely relying on their ERP.