Client: Hill Smith
Task: Architecture
Hill & Smith is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of safety barrier systems throughout the world. Manufacturing safety barrier systems on Britain’s highways for well over 50 years, specialising in the trade of Brifen and Flexbeam products.


InteliSense IT has developed a customised form for Hill & Smith to update their production receipts on stamping and galvanisation processes. The new solution still used the standard journal posting functionalities, saving considerable time and money.

The solution has also been designed to be used from a web browser, which integrates with Dynamics AX.

Validation rules and conditions were applied for data updating and an approval table has also been applied giving the solution a high standard level of reliability.

Benefits to Hill & Smith

Operation - More agility on updating production receipts, more flexibility for end users to reach a terminal

Reliability - Data accuracy improvement, preventing mistakes that can occur during manual update

Usability - Form appearance and usability more user friendly.