The main aim for using this functionality, is to enable the Accounts Payable team of an organisation to inform suppliers of payments being made and the invoices these payments relate to.

Using the print management functionality in the Accounts Payable module, supplier remittances can be generated in a number of formats, including email, print and saving to a specific location.

Remittance advices can be stated in any currency and are generated when a payment run is created.

InteliSense IT has successfully implemented the use of supplier remittance advices for its customers using email as the output.

Some data cleansing will need to be completed with regards to supplier email addresses, which are held on the supplier master under contact information. In turn, InteliSense IT can assist in extracting this information, as well as re-uploading the correct information required.

When a payment proposal is created, validation checks are included to ensure the suppliers being paid have an email address allocated to receive the remittance advice, highlighting those where the information is missing.

The email being sent out can also include text in the subject line and body of the email, which reduces emails being sent to spam folders.

The remittance advice generated is also posted against the supplier, so if required again in the future, they are easily accessible.

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