For Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft simplified the process by breaking down the Microsoft Dynamics 365 licences into one of three groups:

  • Team Members
  • Apps
  • Plans

Team members: Pricing starts from $10/£6.20 per user/month. If your users just want to put in a time sheet, update your HR record, submit expenses it’s the right choice. Team members give you access to:

  • Microsoft Flow templates – for automation.
  • Dynamics 365 App the business has rolled out.
  • Mobile access to Microsoft PowerApps.
  • Access to PowerBI dashboards, etc…

Individual Apps: Apps are from $95/£59.20 per user/month, Operations is from $190/£118.40, per user/month and Power Apps is from $40. It allows users who don’t need full range of Dynamics 365 apps – to customise their platform only by purchasing apps on a standalone basis.

Plans: Plan licensing gives full access to all the apps shown above, or all the apps apart from Operations. Pricing is just additional $20/£12.50 per user/month you get a lot more functionality for users. But the pricing has a tiered system in which it decreases depending on user count (without the Operations app). So we have 2 plans – one with Operations, another one without, Plan 1 also gives you access to Microsoft Social Engagement. Price with the Operations app – is $210 per user/month, tiered pricing is not available in this one.

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