The long awaited Microsoft Dynamics 365 has officially been launched. The idea of an ERP and CRM on a Cloud proves to be a cost-effective, easy-to-access suite for business prospects and growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the user to experience the new and exclusive applications, all in the aid of developing specific business functions.

The applications will include Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and Operations. All apps work flawlessly and can be launched in singular form if need be, allowing users to obtain each app as and when they require.

Not only is it easy to deploy, but also gives access to the user to tailor 365 to their needs and buy certain apps as the business grows enabling one platform for all business areas.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful cloud-based system assisted by Power BI and Cortana simplifying data management, application integration, business processes to provide evaluations on how to achieve business goals.

Amjad Khan, a Microsoft Gold Partner, commented on the impact of current Dynamics users, “The combination of CRM and ERP is a unique design enabling transition for those customers using CRM online or ERP online.”

Mr Khan also assured ‘non-cloud’ users that Intelisense IT will continue to support and provide solutions on-site and also offer the option to elevate on to the cloud.

Alongside the release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has announced the launch of AppSource, an online store giving access to developers to create and build their own apps. Such a facility allows users unlimited options for solutions. Premade apps are well in excess of over 200 developed.

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