The best point of sale systems are easy to understand, quick, reliable and deliver top quality customer service. Businesses are able to serve their customers more easily and get onto the road of continual improvement.

Together with the right application of technology, new methods of doing business have emerged especially with enterprise resource planning and position of sale integration.

Why Integrate your Point of Sale?

Cloud computing has enabled enterprise resource planning to become a reality for leading multinationals. The technology is easily applied cost effectively and comes with several applications. In a short time your accounting, e-commerce, HR and inventory management can all be accessible from one platform. ERP allows businesses to ease the pressure on in-house data across all centres of operations. The roll-out is quick as no additional hardware or software has to be configured in operational centres scattered worldwide.

More Benefits to consider...

Share transaction information between your point-of-sale systems and Microsoft Dynamics AX, keeping your online and offline presence in sync.

  • Synchronise inventory information between Microsoft Dynamics AX and multiple stores
  • Consolidate order data and accounting transactions across stores
  • Build customer profiles using in-store POS data and info from other systems
  • Manage item data and synchronise to all stores
  • Support advanced logistics options, like in-store pickup
  • Import retail transactions from other POS solutions, i.e. Cegid, etc.