We integrate using the InteliSense IT Integration Hub around how you work with AX. Giving you the power to send and receive as much or as little information from AX as is necessary. Tailoring the InteliSense IT integration hub to your business's needs is what we do best.

Based on the business's requirements, you may wish to import items from Dynamics AX such as:

  • Work Centre Groups and Work Centres
  • Machines, Items and Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

The Integration hub can handle all in-goings and out-goings, if you are interested and want to find out more, view just a handful of the solutions we have produced using the InteliSense IT integration hub in Solutions.

Publish schedules to AX:

  • Publish scheduled start- and end-date time on production orders. Specifically, fields Schedule end and Schedule start on ProdTable table
  • Publish scheduled start- and end-date time on production order jobs. Fields from date, from time, to date and to time in ProdRouteJob table
  • Optionally publish Costed Resource
  • Optionally publish Production Quantities
  • Optionally publish the Production Status

Publishing works via SQL stored procedures or AX .Net connector or even, pull in your production orders and all the constraints that make your business unique, and be amazed at the seamless communication between Integration Hub and AX.