Logistics & Warehouse

3rd Party Logistics (3PL) warehousing for AX, is an InteliSense IT solution that integrates advanced supply chain capabilities seamlessly into your new or existing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System. Providing a complete real-time, global view of your business by extending significant functionality around the abilities of Dynamics AX, 3PL allows you to accomplish warehousing tasks easily and efficiently, whilst expanding your visibilty on your logistics processes.

Part of the Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX, 3PL integrates with the Transportation for AX (TRAX) and Supplier Management (Vendor Portal) solutions to create a single integrated Business Process Platform for the enterprise. 3PL adds the best possible fulfilment services without the need for a separate Warehouse Management System.

3PL Breakdown

Stock Visibility

The transactional nature of the interaction means the two systems will have natural and/or unnatural differences brought about by the latency in processing transactions and processing errors. Our job is to make the ERP and WMS stock systems as synchronised as possible, or at least highlight the possible points of difference and capatilise on them.

High visibilty of stock is provided using the InteliSense IT Integration Hub and 3PL solution. FInd out more in 3PL Integration Solutions.

Partitioning Stock

Segmenting a warehouse into areas such as the receipt dock, quarantine and pick face makes perfect sense in both the WMS and the ERP. There are three key integration questions which need answering:

  • Mapping: how do the locations in the ERP and WMS map to each? How does this mapping affect the stock position and availability of stock in the ERP?
  • Stock movements: when stock is moved in the WMS from one logical area to another, does the movement also need to be reflected on the ERP? Typically, ERPs treat a location as a boundary for sales and purchase order purposes, thus a movement from quarantine to the pick face will need to trigger a corresponding movement in the ERP.
  • Damaged/Blocked Stock: How should the ERP react to the WMS responding with defected stock? How is this reflected in the stock?

Time Sensitivity

  • Transactions should be processed in the order they were processed on the WMS. If batching groups of transactions for processing, an alternative is to process all the transactions that add stock to the ERP system before those that decrement stock which limits the scenario where a transaction removes stock required by another operation.
  • Transactions such as P/O receipts can affect the available to sell value in your ERP, and thus affecting potential sales.

Both of the above points highight the fact that the communication must be fast, responsive and reliable. With a clear single entry and exit point, 3PL Integration Solution offers an execution backlog where interface errors are handled.

Batch and Serial Number Control

Batch and serial number integration adds complexity as they increase the number of reconciliation points between the WMS and the ERP solution, where each batch or serial number in the WMS must also be present in the ERP.

Furthermore, the 3PL Integration Solution allows the business to choose the level of control it wants to apply.