Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the world's most popular ERP systems because of it's breadth of capabilities to meet the wide range of demands facing large corporations. Business leaders love it for the reporting and visibility across global organisations covering inventory, logistics, customers, and more.

Similarly to other modules in AX 2012, Financial Management allows you to purchase and activate additional functionality as and when required.

The solution can help with:

  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Extensive tax management functionality
  • Register financial data in the ledger in real-time
  • Fast and accurate financial reporting
  • Trace transactions to their origin, verify and analyse transactions immediately
  • Security of critical data by allowing information access or approval

A single corporate database makes it easy to execute financial operations, reducing time and effort helping your team to think strategically rather than tactically.

AX / D365FO assists you in accessing your financial status and cash flow whenever it is required.

  • Analyse cash flow forecasts and liquidity of your company
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Monitor deposits, payments, balances
  • Manage cash flow for customer and supplier payments

Simply, a fast and effective way to manage your finances.

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