Continuous innovation and consistent integration are important for any business. Our end-to-end DevOps solutions help businesses automate and standardise their software delivery model.

InteliSense IT offers an agile software methodology with decreased down-time & increased effectiveness. Accelerate your application life cycle and improve your deployment frequency and recovery time. Reduce application release time by up to 60% and enable Automated Continuous Quality by up to 90%.

What makes us stand out?

So at this stage you are probably thinking, what do we offer that makes us the "go to guys" ?

  • Certified experts with end-to-end Dev Ops experience
  • Automated continuous delivery and frameworks
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration
  • Outline common standards and protocols
  • Improve software delivery with better compliance
  • Drive continuous improvements with better quality
  • Assure cost-effective process with minimal security risks

Intelisense IT follows 7c’s approach to help businesses thrive and meet market trends.

Here’s our approach:

  • Continuous planning
  • Continuous development
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery & monitoring
  • Continuous feedback

Business benefits

  • Software life cycle process is greatly minimised
  • New features can be easily executed at low cost
  • New releases are stable and predictable
  • Increase developer and operational efficiency
  • Enrich customer experience with better quality outcomes