Big Data

Turning raw and complex data into actionable insights seems to be a tough job for most enterprises. Our adaptive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help businesses to easily analyse large complex data sets with minimal IT involvement, cut down decision processing time by 30% and reduces reporting time by 20%.

Our easy-to-use, self service BI tools and solutions coupled with effective methodologies and frameworks helps businesses leverage the power of data to meet the growing demands of small to medium enterprises.

Our solutions comprise of:

  • Data Discovery & Visualisation
  • Data Warehouse Modernisation
  • BI Dev Ops
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Adaptive BI Platform
  • Self-service data visualisations
  • Interactive dashboards & applications
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Analytics in the Cloud

Why choose InteliSense IT for BI?

  • Comprehensive BI strategy to accelerate performance
  • Deliver effective BI solutions on premise, or through the cloud
  • Agile BI software implementation at reasonable cost
  • Optimise the ROI by enhancing operational efficiencies
  • Deploying strategic approaches to measure Key Performance Indicators
  • Effectively monitor and manage activities in real-time