As a company, Intelisense IT has always been committed to nurturing tomorrow’s talent, and building on the back of our previous training programs we’re very glad to welcome our latest 3 recruits.

Debora Blewoussi, Aliyah Akter and Callum Fletcher all recently joined our growing team. Here’s what they’ve had to say after their first few weeks in the job:

Debora Blewoussi:

Debora has always been interested in IT and business systems, and saw this opportunity at Intelisense to be a great way to pursue that interest in the long term. Since joining Debora says she has been enjoying the fast pace of work in a growing business:

“I really enjoy how busy I can get sometimes! I don’t think I’d enjoy my job as much if I didn’t have a lot of work to do!”

Even though she enjoys this high pressure environment, Debora admits that it can also sometimes be hard work:

“Sometimes I have to find solutions to some problems really quickly; it’s a real challenge but also really exciting!”

In the long term, Debora is looking forward to developing as a professional and gaining more experience working with clients:

“I want to continue to learn, take on more responsibilities and contribute as much value as I can!”

Aliyah Akter:

Prior to joining the team at Intelisense, Aliyah hadn’t had much IT experience, or any exposure to business systems at all, but was glad to accept an opportunity with Intelisense:

“I was so excited when I heard I had been accepted; I’ve never done anything quite like this before”

Over the past few weeks, Aliyah has settled in within the Intelisense team, and attributes her speedy development to the unique company culture:

“The staff are very friendly and approachable, so I can ask them for help whenever I need it.”

One of the benefits of having such an open and supportive environment, is that our apprentices very quickly gain a high level of confidence with our systems:

“Everything was new to me, but I now feel comfortable using the software thanks to the support and training I received”

Aliyah has enjoyed her training so far, and is looking forward to the future:

“I wish to stay within Intelisense IT, to continue doing what I’m doing now.”

Callum Fletcher:

Although Callum wasn’t originally looking for a career in business systems, he was immediately excited by the prospect when it was suggested to him.

“I researched Intelisense IT and was instantly interested in their products and projects”

Callum has enjoyed the friendly, open atmosphere in the office, where he has been able to develop a large number of skills in a short time.

“my favourite thing about working here is how friendly the staff are, they’ve helped me learn so much more in a short period of time than I would ever have learnt at college”

One of the things that Callum finds challenging is the commitment to putting in the hours for supporting our customers

“The most challenging thing about working here is the early mornings!”

Even so, Callum remains optimistic about his future options:

“I would really enjoy progressing with the company and expanding my knowledge”

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, how we do it and how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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