General Ledger journal upload Solution

Finance teams can spend quite a lot of time posting general ledger journals during the month, especially at month end and year end close!

Some of these journals can be made up of a number of lines, and can also be repetitive each period. The general leger journal upload is designed to assist Finance teams reduce the time spent posting these journals, enabling more time to be spent on more value-added tasks.

Using the general ledger module, these csv formatted files can be imported and validated, with as many lines required using the same dimensions, as a manually entered journal. Individual lines in the journal upload can also be selected for being posted as reversing along with non-reversing lines.

Journals can be prepared so that they can be posted to the general ledger, bank, customer, supplier accounts as well as to fixed assets.

The general ledger journal upload tool can also prove to be very useful during a new system implementation, when various balances from the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and fixed asset modules need to be migrated from a legacy system.

This tool can be a quick win for many Finance teams, if they are not already using it, so it is worthwhile contacting InteliSense IT to discuss implementation of this.

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