• Think Big!

    Think Big!

    Our company has been consulting leading top management companies since 2004. For the last few years, we designed a unique strategy of business development. Find out how you can apply to our company to become the industry leader.

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  • Succeed with us!

    Succeed with us!

    In our team, we have gathered true specialist and professionals who know how to give any business an impact on its further development. World’s top companies entrust their future to us and we know how to make these companies beneficial. Contact us to discover the many ways to help your business improve.

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  • Let us corporate!

    Let us corporate!

    Both top and small business can gain a lot from co-operating with us. We are open to everyone - from CEO’s to the middle managers. InteliSense IT can offer you incredible possibilities in any sphere of business even if your company is located outside of the UK. Get in touch with us to learn how to achieve it.

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About Us

InteliSense IT offers end-to-end industry solutions, business integration solutions and a wide range of products designed to streamline your processes. We reduce costs associated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The InteliSense IT team brings together a wealth of experience developing business software with industry vertical expertise. We also work closely with leading Independent Software Vendors to bring capabilities that compliment the power of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Since 2010, InteliSense IT have been providing customers across retail, manufacturing, distribution and the extended supply chain with our industry focused expertise. We can use Lean and Agile approaches to reduce waste, reduce response times and maximise value to our customers.

Utilising Microsoft Software technology, InteliSense IT continues to build practical and effective solutions to support our customers' needs. The result is an impressive and growing list of customer successes, each of which highlights the benefits that InteliSense IT can bring through the application of business technology. InteliSense IT works with our customers in a true spirit of partnership and we are proud that every one of our customers is reference-able.

The InteliSense IT team brings together a wealth of experience developing business software with industry specific expertise.

Contact us to discover more about how Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help your company.


Divisional Head of IT at IPU Limited, Sagar Hussain

Divisional Head of IT at IPU Limited, Sagar Hussain

"We have been very delighted with the help Intelisense IT has provided us with regards to AX. IPU Limited became an Intelisense IT client in 2016 and we’ve been extremely impressed with their IT services. They have done everything from helping us with on-site support to providing both consultancy and development. Not only dotheir consultants do an excellent job with AX, they have also been great about suggesting ways to improve our system. When it comes to AX support, Intelisense IT really offers a pro-active and complete solution".